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Melanie Blatt
Adolescent creyes under the cut

I never like telling people who I like or think is hot because I'm always made to feel like some kind of freak with terrible taste. Because like, I tend to like guys who are a bit beefier (a la Max Adler) and like, every time I tell one of my friends they kind of harass me about it and tell me that "X is gross" or "that's disgusting".

And like, tonight, we were discussing who we liked on Glee, and I said I quite liked Max Adler (and no-one knew who that was, so I had to explain it was Dave Karofsky) and like, everyone just like, full on was really rude to me about it, which is stink no matter what, but also on my birthday, it's just like shut up and keep your american dream opinions to yourself.

But yeah, after a few years of having people say this to me, I seriously feel like I can never talk to them about stuff like that. And wow this sounds pretty sad but I'm glad I have tumblr/twitter friends who I can actually discuss this with, because my 'real' friends are pretty stink to me sometimes.

Yeah, just something that bothers me. Sorry that I'm obsessed with Max and not Cory/Chord/Mark/etc.

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Aw. Don't ever be ashamed of who you choose to like. TBH, I do like bigger guys as well. And the last guy I liked (last year :'D) was of the bigger kind & when he asked why I liked him, I told him "I like bigger guys". He was stoked! He has a gf now & we're all good but yeah. Nothing wrong with liking something to hold on to.

Friends can be clueless. They fall into a sense of security, thinking they can say whatever they want because they're your friend. It's an awkward position but usually it's just people being naive.

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